Module 1:Grand Introduction

I’m Matt McCoy and this is my blog and this is my first blog post of many. The purpose of this blog is to experiment with different media formats for my digital writing course at South Alabama University .This format being a blog will hopefully help me garner a better understanding of how to reach audiences through various internet formats. Don’t let that turn you off, this is going to be a learning experience that will be interesting and entertaining for those that want to follow me through it. This grand learning curve will highlight web design,social news, multimedia and a little coding along with some other things that may or may no be related. These posts will be split into two categories, those being “module” and “personal”. At the end of this grand learning curve there will be a total of ten posts for each category (there may be more for personal).

This week’s class was focused on setting up and correctly formatting a blog through WordPress. Our class was to categorize our first post as “module” and discuss the weeks content just like I’m doing right now by typing these words. We were also supposed to add tags that relate to our posts in the hopes that our intended audience will discover our blog and become weekly readers. We learned the important of tags as well. For, without tags there is no way for people to stumble on your page without searching for it directly. This information is vital for those wanting to expand there audience reach and for those who are creating a new blog for the first time.

Thanks for reading!



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