Module 4:Sketch

This weeks module assignment has me sketch what my ideal weebly website will look like. In sketching my homepage I learned that I like to draw lots of squares. I knew this would not translate well on a webpage because no one likes to have to sift through a jumbled mesh of buttons.

So I had to consolidate and sketch what I would like to see from a website. Simplistic and bright was what I came up with. I was given this video to watch to help me.

In the video Owen talks about the essentials of making a nice homepage. Owen gives tips such as putting engaging media on your homepage so that users can contribute in a meaningful way, whether that be an email address or setting up a user name.

Another tip Owen talks about is making sure your homepage fulfills the table of contents purpose. Your homepage should be where a user can find anything on your site and go back to it for reference.

I was also told to go over this article and list some tips from it as well. The article was written by New York based web designer Jordan Dick.

Dick lists an about page as a great opportunity to show readers about yourself and your site. Similar to this is the contact page, which Dick also says is an important part of any website.

Dick’s last message was about knowing your target audience and he listed some questions to help address the questions that arise from making a website. see them below.

  • Who are you building this website for?
  • What are your visitor’s needs?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How can you resolve their doubts and concerns?
  • Will your website be able to easily fulfill your visitor’s needs?
  • Are you answering their basic questions?
  • Are you speaking to them in language they can understand (their language.)
  • How will you substantiate your claims? E.g., testimonials, social proof, etc.
  • Are you guiding your visitors to do something on your site, like take a next step?
  • Is there a “call to action?” E.g., sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, submit a contact form, visit a next page, etc.

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