Personal 3: People don’t get naked enough

People need to spend more time naked. I’m serious, this is a real problem we have this day and age. Most people only get naked once a day and that is when they’re showering. People aren’t even having sex fully naked anymore, it takes me seven minutes to take off my Timberlands and if I’m wearing a button down then that adds another three minutes to the ordeal.

So this is why I sleep naked. This is why everyone should sleep naked. Even Benjamin Franklin knew how important being naked was (Check it out).  If everyone spent more time naked people would be more comfortable in their own skin and would have more confidence. Isn’t that what this whole generation is trying to push down everyone throats anyway?  My point is that this is something I feel like everyone should be for.

HOWEVER, I am not condoning streaking nor  am I urging you do join some weird commune somewhere in Utah. This is strictly for your consideration. Whenever you are sitting around just think of how you can increase your nakedness time…so sit around naked instead. Do you really want being a baby to have been your absolute peak and prime of nakedness?


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