Personal 4: Who earns their voice anymore?

If I were famous or had done anything of widely known merit then I would understand why people would want to read what I have to say. However, I’m not famous nor have I solved any of the worlds problems. Yet, I have a blog that about 40 people read every time I post.

I’m a college student at South Alabama majoring in strategic communication. For some people that generates enough interest to keep up with me and I thank you so 😉 But other than that I have done nothing to earn the voice I have right now.

Back before the internet if you wanted your voice heard people had to think you were worth listening to. This could be attained either by getting published, winning and award or election, or doing something worthy of note. If you were not able to do any of these things than your voice went unheard until maybe a revolt or something.

But the internet came along and gave everyone a voice! Which is a good thing don’t get me wrong! We just have to realize that now our voices aren’t always earned and maybe they had good reason not to be heard in the days of old. Now anyone shmuck that gets mad at a play can trash talk the ref personally via twitter. If Kohls doesn’t have those shoes you liked in womens sizes you can even rally your 30 followers into a boycott!

It’s a wonderful time to be alive


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