Personal 6: Why people need to get naked more UPDATED

Why people need to get naked more

We live in a time of leggings, yoga pants, Chubbies and Afcos. All Symbolizing how we are wearing less and less as a people.

Yet, most people only get naked once a day and that’s for a shower confined by walls that limit our naked prowess.

All throughout history great leaders of men and wielders of virtue understood the value of being naked.

Benjamin Franklin was known for standing unshielded and at attention in front of a window for hours. He called them airbaths.

The warrior Picts of Scotland were known for going into battle with nothing but the divine veil of determination and probably callused feet.

The Athenians even appreciated the naked form so much that they carved it into stone…a lot.

However, it is not so much men that I need to convince. For we are very much keeping the legacy of nakedness going. Streaking will always be prevalent on college campuses and sports games.

It is the ladies that need the convincing.

In an age where girls often show up to class with sweatpants and a nike hat signaling to the world that you literally just woke up, need coffee and most likely “can’t even”. It’s safe to assume that you ladies may not even have taken a shower. Thus, severely dropping your nakedness levels to 0 for the day.

I’m here to tell you why you should get naked more.

1. You will sleep better
When your body is ready for sleep, your body temperature is supposed to drop to aid in the vital functions of sleep and wearing clothes can make it harder for your body to achieve these low temperatures.

2. You will feel healthier
If you take advice from founding father and overall G Benjamin Franklin you will find that taking some time for your body to really “get to know” the sun will do wonders for your vitamin D levels. Be reasonable of course. Looking like an old leather sofa at 30 is not ideal for anyone.

3. You’ll be invited to more parties
You will in fact probably be invited to more parties.

4. You won’t lose your socks at Chad’s place
If you don’t wear socks at to Chad’s place you won’t lose them at Chad’s place.

Hopefully this is good enough reason for you all to spend more time naked. I know it is for me.

Matt McCoy
Instagram: matt4thewin


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