Always Move the Baby Gate

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Live From the Burrito

To understand the full extent of my journey, I have to start from the beginning-truthfully. When I first hurt my foot, two summers ago, I decided to NEVER disclose what actually caused a fracture in my foot because some might say it was completely avoidable. I, being the clumsy person that I am, disagree.

So, here’s the truth. I stubbed my toe, several times, jumping over a baby gate. You’d think after spending 25 years with myself; I should have known better. In my head, I’m thinking I’m going to hurdle over this gate like a gazelle and stick the landing like gymnast Gabby Douglas. That clearly didn’t happen.

I remember the last time I stubbed my toe in August like it happened yesterday. I couldn’t do anything but swear. My brother said I was going to hell for my um colorful language but at that moment I would…

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