Module 6: Email

This weeks module focused on photoshop. Our class was told to bring a picture of ourselves or someone along with a background to put them in using photoshop. The class was a bit confusing especially for those who had no experience with photoshop previously. I have had a few experiences with photoshop so I was luckily able to pull the project off….but barely. Seriously, it looks terrible. It’s supposed to be my brother on a civil war battlefield. Reenactment obviously but you get it.

We were also supposed to create an email filter. I created an email filter for this class, so when any email comes through with CA 260 in it the email automatically gets put in a special place and is marked for me to read. It was easy to do and was very user friendly. I use google so I can’t speak for any other email company, but with google creating a filter was a breeze.

We also watched a video on why email is not the best for communication as you are only getting the basic words a person is trying to say. Communication is more than words. It’s tone and the visual aspect of body language and the messages they can send. So it’s best to be professional and concise to avoid confusion.

Email to professor:

Mr. Davis,

I will have to leave early during next weeks lab. Some things have come up so I will not be able to stay for the whole period. However, I will make sure I catch up on anything I miss and would appreciate it if you could let me know if I miss too much! Thanks,





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