Module:7 CMS

    This week in class we had to read about content management systems and watch a video and a few articles about them. I learned content management systems are ways for websites to add and build content based on existing platforms. Apparently there are thousands of these systems out there but  the three most used content management systems are Joomla, Drupal and the newer WordPress.

    Out of these systems the system I would recommend would have to be WordPress as it is easy to use, readily available and already makes up a large percentage of the internet.It has an easy installation process and very user friendly. The said can’t be said for other content management systems.According to an Article by  Nitish Tiwari, Joomla has the most confusing set up out of the big three. But it might be a better pick for someone with experience.However, I am not, so I still say go with WordPress. It is definitely my go to always. Especially for the inexperienced, it also has the most themes to go off of out of any other content management system. With over 2,000 themes it seems that if your looking for a creative edge for your business than WordPress is the content management system for you.


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