Module 8: Online learning

         This week we learned about “Massive Open Online Courses”, otherwise known as MOOC’s. I personally do not like taking courses online, as they rarely offer forms of communication besides the written word in texts.In a classroom setting you have access to an actual teacher in real time and that is hard to re create via online. So, if CA-260 was fully online I feel like it would be a harder class with fewer opportunity for help.

         That said, there are MOOC’s out there that benefit a lot of people. Just because I like a traditional classroom over an online course does not mean I don’t see the value and convenience of an online class. In fact there are many MOOC’s that offer expert instruction like you would get from a class room. In Kerrie Hughes article “the top 22 online resources” Hughes lists 22 MOOC’s and rates them on their effectiveness. “Code Academy” seemed like a good way to start for someone looking to learn more about code and how it works. Hughes says it has a great reputation within the web design community. It is also free and has plenty of resources. Another aspect of Code Academy is that it offers a networking aspect in that you can learn alongside friends and colleagues.


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