Module 9: Security and Privacy

For this weeks module our class focused on security and privacy when it comes to keeping your online presence safe and secure.  We were to read an article about privacy and how to maintain your security and stay hack proof. The article written by Mat Hdnan, yes that’s right Mat Hdnan. That may not be a typo but it is for sure the weirdest name I’ve come across. I don’t even know where to start to pronounce his last name. Also, Matt is a person but Mat is an object used to wipe your feet before you walk into a building.

Anyways, the article stated the basics on internet privacy. Mainly, not to reuse passwords, use a password manager, and lastly setting up two factor authentication, which is just an extra precaution that makes a user trying to log into an account type in a specific code that was sent to a trusted device in order to login from an unfamiliar location.


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