Personal: 8 Short funny, long funny

   I’m convinced that just as Daniel Kahneman taught us in his book “Thinking fast and slow” where we have two types of thinking and are naturally inclined to go with one or the other, that we are also predisposed to either being “short funny or “long funny”. Short funny is defined as being quick witted ( think of people with great in the moment comebacks or puns) Short funny is what our society views as the cool guy in the office with the excellent banter that all the secretaries gush over. Long funny is the guy thinking all the time and is able to write out short stories or plots to be put into the T.V shows or papers ( think Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert).

What does this mean? I don’t know, but I do know that I really want some lasagna at the cafeteria right now. My campus still offers a cafeteria with an all you can eat buffet style experience. The food is decent and is never bad per say, but it has also never been great. Like I said, it’s decent food but like…a lot of decent food. Which is worth it in my eyes.


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