Personal 9:When drones weren’t cool

I had a drone before they were cool. They were called toys and you could buy them at Wal-mart. That is why I’m so weirded out about this “new and exciting technological advancement in aviation” everyone for sure relax. I had this technology when I was 6 years old. This technology has been around at since at least the 80’s and probably even before. Back when I had one, no one wanted me to take pictures at their wedding or do a cool music video for them (mainly because they didn’t have cameras on them but I could’ve found a way). People thought it was cool for a second but then went back to doing either grown up things or playing with a football. I couldn’t believe it, here I was was actually flying an object around in the air! And all everybody’s perception of it was that it was a toy. Oh how times have changed.

FWI please don’t take anything I post under “personal” too seriously.  These posts reflect a sentiment that maybe 13% of my brain believes. It is a loud 13%, so I have to give it it’s due sometimes and let it romp around on blogs where anyone anywhere can read it and confuse these writings as direct reflections of me personally.

Yay internet!


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