Personal:7 Bad Millenials

I am a bad millennial. I say this because the media, teachers and all generations before still roaming the Earth assume millennials are the tech savvy geniuses that created social media and made Silicon Valley what it is today. Though they aren’t wrong, the assumption that we are somehow supposed to be interested in building apps, taking a part computers and photo shopping dog faces onto politicians makes us who are not interested in those things look inadequate. We live in a world where the Geeks won the world and the Freaks are being forgotten. So to adapt to this environment, people like me need to adapt and learn to love the ways of this ever digitizing world.

I don’t want to be the guy who stuck with his horse instead of the model-T. Nor, do I want to be the guy who kept using the monocle over the forever more convenient but arguably less fancy prescription glasses. This is my call to all other bad millennials…don’t resist the change and yearn for a past you’ve never seen. You’ll just end up an unemployed hipster arguing about who had the better front man, the doors or zeppelin.


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